Vision & Mission

The Irish Trust is the independent national charity dedicated to the advancement of the Irish Language and Culture through social development and voluntary action.

Since 1992, the Trust has led by example in stimulating social and economic initiatives in the Irish Language, based on the belief that if the language is to be central to the life of the nation then it must be central to all aspects of society.

The charity is funded primarily from the profits of the social enterprises it operates and through the generosity of individual & corporate donors.

Mission Statement:

The Irish Trust exists to promote and advance the cause and status of the Irish Language & Culture as central to the life of the Irish nation at home and abroad.


The Irish Trust believes that in areas where the language is currently strong it should be protected, encouraged and enhanced as a living language. In areas where the language is weak, a policy of promoting bilingualism should be pursued to facilitate the increased use of the language in everyday life.

Iontaobhas na Gaeilge believes that the future growth and development of the Irish Language & Culture requires investment in the physical infrastructure and facilities available to the community and in the creation of sustainable employment opportunities and initiatives.

The Irish Trust believes that the Irish Language & Culture belongs to everybody on the island of Ireland and challenge those from all sides who seek to identify the language & culture with one political, religious or racial strand. We believe in a Share Heritage between communities and believe that the language & culture should be unifying rather than divisive.

The Irish Trust seeks to advance its objectives with specific attention to the development of the language & culture in the four areas of:

  • Youth
  • Community
  • Enterprise
  • Irish-America.