Our Projects

  • Culturlinx
  • Le Cheile
  • Pobal - Bringing Irish to the People
  • The O Mathuna Award
  • The Roosavelt Initiative
  • Irish International Currach Championships
  • Albany Irish Community radio


Cultúrlinx was an Irish Language & Cultural initiative with specific emphasis on Youth, Community & Enterprise. The youth element of the programme sought to expand the horizons of the young participants beyond the borders that exist both around and within Northern Ireland.
The Community element provided for the production of vital training materials for Irish Language & Cultural groups to assist them with raising the profile of their organisations and address legislative requirements now applicable to voluntary organisations.
The enterprise element of the programme worked with local commercial bodies to increase the number of businesses using Irish to promote their goods and services and lead to the creation of a full-time bilingual radio service.


The purpose of the Le Cheile project was to identify, develop and maintain meaningful and practical linkages between Irish language groups active in the twelve most northern counties in Ireland.
The project consisted of a range of participant-led residentials, conferences, workshops and events and the creation of a range of materials and resources to meet the needs of participating organisations.


In the lead up to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the "POBAL - Bringing Irish to the People" programme recognised the limitations of the Irish Language with regard to the involvement of the Protestant community and this programme was a deliberate attempt to address this imbalance.
From 1997 to 2002, this innovative programme was funded jointly by Iontaobhas na Gaeilge and the European Union's Special Support Programme.
The initiative raised the profile of the Irish language generally and promoted it on a cross-community basis in Northern Ireland. The project has become a model for the promotion of the language on a non-political, non-sectarian basis.


The Ó Mathúna Award takes the form of an annual financial scholarship for young people seeking to attend one of the Irish Language residential summer colleges.
Eamon Ó Mathúna, a native of Cork, was a teacher by profession. He settled in Newry in the 1980's where he became a well known member of the Irish Language community. He was an active supporter of all Irish Language & Cultural events and his untimely death came as a great shock to everyone in the Irish Language community. The scholarship which bears his name is a recognition of his contribution to the Irish Language locally.
The scholarship is financed by Iontaobhas na Gaeilge but is administered and judged independently.


US President Roosevelt said "We cannot always create the future for our youth, but we can create the youth for our future".
The Irish Trust is working to create an Annual Cultural Summer Camp for disadvantaged young Irish-Americans to visit Ireland and experience the Irish Language and Culture first hand and learn more about how their forefathers left Ireland for America.
The initiative will be directly linked to the Community Media Projects


The Irish International Currach Association seeks to increase interest and participation in Currach Racing both nationally and internationally and they run championships each year with rowers from America, Ireland and Europe.
The Irish Trust has been the main funder of the Championships since their launch in 2005, recognising Currach Racing to be a Shared Heritage between both communities in Northern Ireland.


The Irish Trust is working with members of the Irish American community in Albany, New York, to establish a community radio station. The station will open opportunities for the exchange of programming between Community Radio Stations in Ireland and the station in Albany and in the medium term for Youth Exchanges between stations.