The Irish Trust's Small Grants Programme.

The Irish Trust recognizes the commitment, ingenuity and potential of community based projects in the promotion of the Irish Language and Culture.

We have a Small Grants Programme providing funding for charities and voluntary organizations running projects which impact at the grassroots community level.

We can normally fund up to £1,000 or in exceptional circumstances up to £3,000 but we are unable to make awards to individuals or private companies/organisations.

We aim to keep the process as simple as possible for applicants, requiring only a letter explaining what you want to do with the money and who will benefit from the funding. This should be submitted along with our 1 page Application Form to gather the necessary contact and organisational information.

All projects must have an Irish Language and/or Cultural dimension and preference is given to projects which in some way relate to or involve Irish America. Please note that while we recognise the Irish Cultural importance of the Ulster Scots Tradition, we do not recognise Ulster Scots to be a Language and this should be bourn in mind when preparing your application.

Trustees consider applications on a rolling basis and we aim to make a decision within 4 months of receipt. Our decision may be to award, award in part, reject or defer an application pending further information. As a voluntary run charity, we are unable to enter into correspondence regarding applications.

Please Click Here to down load an application, and Good Luck.